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What is Learn to Thrive?

Embark on a transformative journey to well-being with our Learn to Thrive courses, thoughtfully designed for individuals navigating the complexities of recovery from various injuries. Crafted by Lina and Arvinder, these self-paced courses integrate their personal and professional experiences with the science, theory, and evidence-based tools of applied positive psychology and well-being science, offering practical insights for healing and recovery.

Course Offerings

Resilience in Recovery

For individuals navigating extended recovery from injury or illness or chronic conditions, our comprehensive self-paced course, Resilience in Recovery, offers a transformative exploration of well-being, resilience, and connection. Learn, practice, and be transformed as you navigate the pathways to a more resilient and connected self.

Join us on this empowering journey towards renewed well-being.

Learn to Thrive with Post-Concussion Syndrome

Tailored specifically for individuals recovering from traumatic brain injuries, this course addresses persistent symptoms experienced many months or years later. Beyond physical challenges, we understand the emotional toll—feelings of isolation, frustration, depression, self-criticism, anxiety, and loss of hope. Our course provides specific tools and activities to build relationships, foster resilience, and rekindle joy on your healing journey.

Learn to Thrive Resilience in Recovery Self Study Course Happy Woman Thriving

What you will learn:

Coping and Resilience

Improving Relationships

Boosting Happiness

The 9 Module Learn to Thrive courses include:

We combine education, experiential practice and professional and community support, all to address the emotional, social, and psychological needs of individuals recovering from injury or illness.

Which format is right for you?

Both Learn to Thrive with PCS and Resilience Through Recovery are offered in two formats:
Self-Study or Community Self-Study


community SELF-STUDY

added coaching support

Co-founders, Facilitators

Lina and Arvinder created these courses that combines their life experiences in helping people with brain injuries and concussions. As someone who sustained a concussion in 2018 and is still experiencing symptoms, Lina understands first-hand the frustration, challenges and isolation that come with the slow recovery of post-concussion syndrome. Arvinder brings 25 years of knowledge and expertise in working with brain injury survivors from her occupational therapy practice PiOT. PiOT’s experience working with clients, adjusters and lawyers with motor vehicle accidents ensures that this program meets the reporting requirements of medical-legal cases.

Arvinder Gaya

BSc. OT, OT Reg. (Ont.), Occupational Therapist and Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, IntenSati Leader, Published author, Clinical Director and CEO of PiOT

Lina Maria Aristizabal

OCT, Msc. APPC, Coach, Teacher and Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, Concussion Survivor

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