Revive and Thrive Wellbeing Inc. is dedicated to helping people to experience a life they love. Founded by Arvinder Gaya and Lina Maria Aristizabal in 2021.


For people to live from their strengths and grow from their hardships and live connected, joyful and fulfilling lives.


To provide educational programs, experiences, and products where people learn and practice the tools and strategies of the science of wellbeing. We strive to create supportive group environments to foster connection and community.


Arvinder Gaya has over 25 years of experience working as a Registered Occupational Therapist and is in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapy of Ontario. Arvinder is the CEO and founder of PiOT Inc. Arvinder has served on the board of directors of the Brain Injury Association of York Region.

Arvinder has extensive experience in community-based rehabilitation with clients who have sustained traumatic and acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain and various orthopaedic injuries as well as psychosocial issues. Arvinder has contributed to various research studies and co-published several papers and books in the field of occupational therapy, and brain injury rehabilitation. She has also been involved in the education of OT students and has held status appointment with the University of Toronto.

Arvinder is committed to help people heal and thrive in their lives. In 2018 Arvinder obtained her Certification of Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Centre in New York. She has also obtained her level one Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from Meditation for Health in Toronto. She has been teaching resiliency skills and positive psychology through the IntenSati method and guided meditation programs as well as the Learn to Thrive with Post Concussion Syndrome Program. These programs have empowered communities, businesses, school boards, women’s groups and non-profit organizations to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Arvinder loves spending time in nature, connecting and socializing with friends and family. Arvinder leads her life in a spirit of gratitude and is committed to creating unique events and experiences for others in which they feel joy and personal growth.


Lina Maria Aristizabal is a certified teacher, certified coach, resilience trainer and facilitator. She worked as an elementary teacher for seven years before her training in positive psychology, coaching, and positive education. She holds a masters degree in education from Buffalo State University.

Lina Maria is committed to sharing the tools of wellbeing to those who need it most. She creates and delivers workshops on resilience, wellbeing and flourishing. She is also a faculty member at the Center for Positive Education, where she is committed to transforming schools into places where children and youth are given the tools and practice to become their best selves.

Because of her own lived experience with Post-Concussion syndrome, Lina Maria is also dedicated to supporting concussion survivors with tools and experiences to start making meaning and finding joy during their recovery. Lina Maria loves city life with frequent trips into nature. She enjoys cycling, picnics in parks with friends, creative writing, ukulele playing and following her curiosities to learn more about the world. After an adventurous decade living abroad, she is happy to be staying in one spot, building connections and living her purpose.


Compassion and kindness

We interact with everyone with compassion and kindness


We practice the principles of positive psychology in our lives, teachings and business


We strive to see change in all of our participants

Continuous improvement

We are committed to ongoing education and training and improvements to our programs


We are committed to practicing and expressing gratitude


We strive to do what is right


We are committed as a community to wellbeing

Refund Policy

General Refund Policy

No refunds. Once access to the course space, workbook, or digital product is provided, there are no refunds.


A separate refund policy is available for insurance-funded courses and is provided with application and intake. 

Shipping and Delivery Policy

Digital Products will begin processing immediately and may arrive immediately or within 24 hours.