Learn to Thrive with Post Concussion Syndrome

9 Week Virtual Wellbeing Workshop Series

Learn to Thrive

The challenges of post-concussion syndrome extend far beyond the physical symptoms.

PiOT offers The Learn to Thrive with Post-Concussion Syndrome Program to address the emotional and psycho-social issues their clients face dealing with post-concussion syndrome for more than a year.

Participants of this unique 9-week online wellbeing program will join a group of concussion survivors in a transformational experience that equips them to deal with the many challenges of the healing journey. It provides a space for connection and community, scientifically proven tools and activities to build resilience, improve relationships, and start experiencing more joy. 

The 9 Week Learn to Thrive Program includes:

We combine education, experiential practice and professional and community support, all to address the emotional, social, and psychological needs of PCS patients.

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What You Will Get Through the Learn to Thrive Workshop


You will learn some of the best tools from evidence-based positive psychology to boost your well-being, improve your resilience and help you find more joy during your recovery from concussion. Participants will also have access to:


Weekly tasks and worksheets to practice and apply the tools and strategies in class and throughout the week. Receive group coaching to help you integrate these strategies and improve your mindset, mood and your day-to-day experience.

Group and Community Support

Have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Support from the facilitators as well as a community of people who share in your experience. Feel connected, heard and understood in a safe environment.

Assessment and Reporting

As a part of the program you will receive a pre- and post-program assessment to evaluate the changes in your function, relationships and happiness levels. This report will be provided to you and your rehabilitation team at the end of the program to help you to continue to use the tools you learn from this program.


Lina and Arvinder created this interactive workshop that combines their life experiences in helping people with brain injuries and concussions. As someone who sustained a concussion in 2018 and is still experiencing symptoms, Lina understands first-hand the frustration, challenges and isolation that come with the slow recovery of post-concussion syndrome. Arvinder brings 25 years of knowledge and expertise in working with brain injury survivors from her occupational therapy practice PiOT. PiOT’s experience working with clients, adjusters and lawyers with motor vehicle accidents ensures that this program meets the reporting requirements of medical-legal cases.

Arvinder Gaya

BSc. OT, OT Reg. (Ont.), Occupational Therapist and Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, IntenSati Leader, Published author, Clinical Director and CEO of PiOT

Lina Maria

Lina Maria Aristizabal

OCT, Msc. APPC, Coach, Teacher and Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, Concussion Survivor

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